Lesbian Potentiality

Samer_cover_revisedLesbian Potentiality and Feminist Media in the 1970s is out now with Duke University Press. The introduction is available to read for free online. Of the book, Susan Stryker writes, “Rox Samer reworks the genealogy of contemporary feminist, queer, and trans cultural politics in this fascinating foray into the futures envisioned by speculative lesbian literature and media half a century ago. It’s brilliant, generative, and timely.” Nick Davis says, “Feminist documentary and science fiction: they nourish so many of our lives in tandem, but we so often study them separately. By merging the perspectives of the scholar, maker, and fan while traversing spaces from the archive to the convention hall and refining ideas as elegant as their gorgeous prose, Rox Samer is the perfect person to conduct this tour of the distinctive yet deeply overlapping legacies of these genres and the people who made them possible.” 

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